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Have you seen our new landscape at the corner of Book and Rickert?

What a change! This project was the result of very generous Windgate homeowners. A request for donations went out at the end of August 2012. We had 49 homeowners donate, 36 association members and 13 non-association members. Donations ranged from $30- $50.

In a two-week period we raised $1710!

2012’s budget already included $800 earmarked for this project. In total we had $2510 for our landscape.

Our new neighbor, Clay Fortino, the landscape manager for C & A Landscaping in Naperville started the work on the retaining wall in early October 2012, with the final plants going in on October 5th.

The updates included:

  •             3 Wintergreen Boxwoods
  •             5 Knockout Rose shrubs
  •             2 Carlesii Viburnum
  •             Daylilies were divided and moved
  •             Flagstones were also repositioned

The total cost of this project was $2,255.

Thank you to all who donated to the new landscape!

We came together and achieved something that the association board has talked about for years. 
We would also like to thank the Derangula/Lech family for the use of their water.

Building the retaining wall

Building the retaining wall


The wall is complete

The wall is complete


Plants are added

Plants are added


Due to the overwhelming positive response to the improvement of that sign, we were able to also landscape the Windgate sign at Whispering Hills & Rickert. Once again, Clay Fortino of C & A Landscape did the work for us and if you haven’t seen it, make sure to check it out.   It looks great!  Retaining Clay’s services ensures that both signs complement each other.  The total cost for this project was $2180 and we already had a good start on collecting this money with $255 remaining from last year’s drive.  In addition, we have already raised $985 in 2013 from homeowner donations.  The decorative retaining wall is approximately 45’ long, two courses high plus caps made of Olde Quarry stone.  Landscaping included supplying new plants as well as reworking any usable remaining plants.  Thank you to Clay and his team for quick and beautiful work!

Thank you to all who have donated to the spring 2013 landscaping project! 

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